Katie meets Kassie

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen how I followed Katie from being a newborn to growing up to a chubby little baby. Here comes her next milestone, becoming a big sister. She has grown up to become a very sweet and loving little girl, although extremely “makulit” (persistent) she is all arms in receiving her little sister Kassie. <3
kassie-newborn-photography-17kassie-newborn-photography-8 kassie-newborn-photography-7kassie-newborn-photography-29 kassie-newborn-photography-32kassie-newborn-photography-23 kassie-newborn-photography-57 kassie-newborn-photography-1 kassie-newborn-photography-3 kassie-newborn-photography-4 kassie-newborn-photography-5 kassie-newborn-photography-6kassie-newborn-photography-31 kassie-newborn-photography-35kassie-newborn-photography-37 kassie-newborn-photography-65 kassie-newborn-photography-103kassie-newborn-photography-60kassie-newborn-photography-26

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