Waiting for Martine (Tricia’s Maternity Shoot)

They say that one can only love to the extent of what is present and that you can only give what you have. Years and years will pass and one can only realize the extent of his/her growth when s/he looks back. For sure, these two have grown together, a decade and counting, with a little one on the way, it can only get more exciting!

Tricia Maternity-10Tricia Maternity-15Tricia Maternity-14Tricia Maternity-20Tricia Maternity-42Tricia Maternity-3Tricia Maternity-32Tricia Maternity-4Tricia Maternity-34Tricia Maternity-43Tricia Maternity-30 Tricia Maternity-40 Tricia Maternity-38 Tricia Maternity-37 Tricia Maternity-36 Tricia Maternity-35 Tricia Maternity-33 Tricia Maternity-31 Tricia Maternity-29 Tricia Maternity-27 Tricia Maternity-26 Tricia Maternity-25 Tricia Maternity-24 Tricia Maternity-23Tricia Maternity-8 Tricia Maternity-22 Tricia Maternity-21 Tricia Maternity-18Tricia Maternity-32 Tricia Maternity-17 Tricia Maternity-16 Tricia Maternity-28Tricia Maternity-6 Tricia Maternity-13 Tricia Maternity-12Tricia Maternity-19 Tricia Maternity-11
Tricia Maternity-9 Tricia Maternity-7 Tricia Maternity-2 Tricia Maternity-1Tricia Maternity-39Tricia Maternity-41

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